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Express TMS – What is Theta-Burst?

FDA – Approved EXPRESS TMSUsing Theta-Burst Technology

Although repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has been becoming more well known for its benefits for treatment resistant depression, very few have heard of TBS (Theta-Burst Stimulation) or know the difference between TBS and rTMS.

Theta-burst stimulation (TBS) is an innovative type of patterned repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation that utilizes bursts (multiple stimulations at once) of stimulation at high frequencies. Since stimulations are applied in bursts, you can achieve the same number of pulses in a shorter period of time. There are two types of TBS, intermittent TBS (iTBS) which has excitatory effects on the brain and continuous TBS (cTBS) which has inhibitory effects on the brain. Our iTBS protocol for depression is only 3 minutes, compared to our standard 20 minute protocol of regular rTMS. We are also able to provide 1-minute cTBS, which can be helpful for symptoms of anxiety.

In 2018, MagVenture received FDA clearance for a newer and much faster treatment protocol which cuts down treatment time to just 3 minutes per session. They have named this treatment “Express TMS” because it is just as safe and effective has regular TMS. For more information, you can read their press release.

For more information on TBS please contact our Bryn Mawr office at 610-520-1128. At this time, we are unable to offer TBS in our Marlton location.


I’ve had many years of persistent anxiety and depression since I was 12 years old. I’ve also gone through several tough times along the way, including losing a parent to cancer. My life was affected by the depression and anxiety drastically. At times, I was unable to leave my home. I missed a lot of experiences as a teenager and as a young adult. Medication to help ease the anxiety and depression had made me feel terribly worse. TMS was my last hope, and all the people at Tao made me feel very comfortable during my treatment. I’ve made almost a full recovery, and am beyond pleased with the care I have received.

The TMS went a lot better than I had expected. (There was) minimal discomfort and overall it was pretty easy to tolerate. My mood, mentality, and everything changed to a much more positive feeling. I feel very confident, and much happier now. My family and friends noticed I smile much more with a happy glow to me. I now can finally see myself serving a good purpose. I used to view myself as a wasting away soul. Life is worth living.

As a patient at Tao Integrative Medicine /New Jersey TMS Center, for once I felt cared for, and not like a lab rat. To be listened to, and treated like a family member, was one thing I really enjoyed from here. That Zen vibe of Tao that just follows me from the moment I leave. No doctor before really made me feel at ease, let alone had shown me how to feel at peace. I enjoyed the experience very much. All the providers seemed very professional.